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Public and electronic procurement

Advising in procurement processes and procedures. Procurement management and building systems for documenting improvements. Training programs for management, procurement officers and purchasers. Analyzing public procurement programs.

ICT projects relating to future electronic procurement

Electronic public procurement in general. Service procurement and KPI’s. Training programs on referencing ICT in public procurement.

Environmental Management and improvement

ISO 14001, ISO 22301 and training till certification. Environmental requirements in public procurement incl CSR and sustainable procurement. Training programs for top-management, management and employees in general.

Fair Taxes (aggressive tax considerations)

Voluntary standards. Requirements in public procurement. Workshops

Training Programs

Customized training programs on public procurement. End-to-end procurement considerations. Procurement management. Environmental management. Business continuity. Referencing stan- dards in public procurement. Electronic public procurement. Contract management etc.

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FLSmidth took great pleasure in collaborating with DanSense when FLSmidth was ISO 14001 certified in 2017. I was quickly convinced that I had a consultant who knew the substance and was able to communicate it. Another important factor in the collaboration and progress of certification process was the trust that was quickly created for DanSense’s work and deliverables.

Søren Hauberg Johannesen

Project Engineer, Facility Management, FLSmidth A/S Denmark

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