Learn how to reference standards in public procurement

As consultants on the projects and authors on the guide, we are proud to inform you, that the first of its kind, guide for referencing standards in public procurement in Europe, was published in May 2019.  

The guide aims at providing a better general understanding of what standards are and how they can be referenced in public procurement, based on the EU procurement legislative framework.

The production of the guide was done in collaboration between several countries, the European Standardisation Organisation, CEN and the European Commission, who founded the project.

You can find the guide here: https://ec.europa.eu/docsroom/documents/33421 or: https://www.cencenelec.eu/standards/Topics/PublicProcurement/Pages/JIS11.aspx


The idea of the guide is learning how to reference standards in general. The guide offers the overall knowledge necessary for understanding the use of standards. It does not provide guidance i specific sectors or areas. DanSense has commenced developing the first specific guides in specific sectors to be published soon.


If you need national training on how to reference standards in public procurement, then contact Mr. Søren Jensen sj@dansense.dk . He has already by 1. April 2019 conducted training in five countries – see news on workshops.

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