Five workshops are held on how to reference standards in public procurement

A total of more than 150 procurement experts in Sweden, Spain, Poland, Denmark and the Czech Republic participated in national workshops on how to reference standards in public procurement from mid-February to end of March 2019. The training was a huge success. Evaluations of the workshops also clearly showed, that much more training is needed and demanded. The general impression is, that it is very difficult to reference standards correctly in public procurement.

DanSense held these first five workshops and performed the training together with the national standardisation bodies. The project was funded by the European Commission.

In addition to the workshops, DanSense developed a dissemination package, which will soon be published on the European Commission’s website. Till then you can find the dissemination package here on the CEN website:

For more information, or requirement of national training please contact Mr. Søren Jensen on or look at our website at Courses/Training for specific courses.

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