Ensuring Environmental requirements and CSR in procurement documents and for documentation (7h)

A course in the series: "Simplified procurement"

Despite, that environmental demands are very high on the political agenda globally, most public authorities either “forgets” to mention environmental requirement in public tender, avoid them for competition reasons or only reference environmental management systems, hoping that this is enough.

With focus on specific cases and potential environmental or CSR requirements, the workshop will address the potential of CSR and environmental requirement for help in future public tenders. The workshop will also discuss the practical approach in procurement procedures as well as in the procurement process.

Participants: Public sector, procurement officers and daily procurers.

Time: 7 hours

Place: Locally, where agreed

The price differs, depending on the actual requirement, if only the presentation is needed, or if DanSense invites and holds the training courses. Transport expenses are excluded in the price. Contact DanSense for further information.

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