Referencing standards in public procurement

A course in a series of "Professionalized procurement"

Referencing standards in public procurement

Training in referencing standards according to Article 42 and related articles.

Increase transparency, reduce total costs, and improve documentation when developing and conducting public tenders.

Improve your organisations sustainable procurement through the use of standards combined with environmental requirements in the technical specifications.

The training is based on the European "Guide to referencing standards in public procurement in Europe", funded by the European Commission and developed by DanSense with help from standardisation organisations. (

In the training, the potential of Directive 2014/24 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 February 2014 on public procurement, Art. 42, section 41 of the Procurement Act and related sections, will be elaborated with practical examples.

Target group:

  • Contracting authorities and daily purchasers.

What you bring home:

  • Practical knowledge on how to identify and reference standards in public procurement.
  • Opportunity to work more innovatively with procurement.
  • Better understanding of requirements for documenting requirements using standards.
  • Achieving increased transparency in tendering documents


”Ideal workshop for a wide range of people involved in the procurement process (public buyers, legal consultants,...) who are familiar with public procurement but lack the proper know-how to use standards correctly and efficiently in the procurement process. Clear and to the point.” - Benjamin Libens, Bosa, Belgium. 2020.06.24


“Dissemination brief, concrete, accurate from educators. The process was really well put together, and the teaching has led to a clear opportunity to test theory in practice. " - Martin Larsen, Aalborg Supply. 2019.10.23.


 The structure of the course. It starts elementary and ends in concrete terms" - Vores Elnet, Fyn 2020.02.21



Søren Jensen, DanSense. Consultant and author on development of the European guide, and  training in the use of the guide in seven countries till now.

Pick  the training that fits you best:

Choose between full day training on 7 hours, or 4 times two-hour lessons.

Full day training webinar on 7 hours:

  • Tuesday 15th September - 09.30-16.30. (Denmark) 
  • Wednesday 16th September - 09.30-16.30.
  • Wednesday 30th September - 09.30-16.30.
  • Thursday 01st October - 09.30-16.30. 

Four times 2-hour webinars:

As long as lessons are followed in correct order from 1 to 4, you can pick the time that fits you best. Training is in Zoom:

Date             Tue. 17.09         Tue. 17.09         Thu. 24.09         Thu. 24.09         Thu. 24.09           Mon. 28.09

Time           09.30-11.30      12.30-14.30       09.30-11.30       12.30-14.30       15.00-17.00         09.30-11.30

Lesson 1          (x)                      (x)                           (x)                                                     

Lesson 2                                                                                             (x)                          (x)                           (x)


Date            Mon. 28.09       Mon 28.09         Wed. 02.10       Wed 02.10           Wed 02.10          Mon 05.10

Time          12.30-14.30       15.00-17.00       09.30-11.30       12.30-14.30       15.00-17.00       09.30-11.30

Lesson 3          (x)                      (x)                          (x)                                                                                                          

Lesson 4                                                                                                  (x)                        (x)                      (x)


Price: 375 euro per participant. ex VAT. The price is the same no matter which kind of training is preferred. Required at least 5 persons per lesson.



  • No later than at 12.00h 3 days before the first training.

Registration is via the registration button "Registration” below. If you have problems with registration or questions, contact Søren Jensen on tel.: +45 20247001

 Programme – one full day:

09.00 Welcoming and presentation of participants.
Introduction to standards and origin.
Understand standardisation according to Article 42.3.
Referencing standards in public procurement.

12.00 Referencing standards in the procurement process.
Lunch break.
Referencing standards in the procurement process – continued.
Ensuring proof of conformity by referencing of standards.
Referencing standards in procurement procedures.
”Hands on”. Task in the use of standards in public procurement.

15.15 Summarizing the day and questions.
Evaluation of the day.


Programme – four lessons:

Lesson 1:

  • Introduction to standards and origin.
  • Understand standardisation according to Article 42.3

Lesson 2:

  • Referencing standards in public procurement.
  • Referencing standards in the procurement process.

Lesson 3:

  • Ensuring proof of conformity by referencing of standards.
  • Documentation in end-to-end procurement.

Lesson 4:

  • Referencing standards in procurement procedures.
  • ”Hands on”. Task to solve based on business case.
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