What to remember when developing procurement documents for tenders in the services area

A course in the series: "Simplified procurement"

In public procurement, more than 70 percent of the is in the service sector. Much of this work is also cross-border. Still, when bidding cross border, or even on local tenders, much confusion is met, simply because the public sector and the private sector misunderstand each other. Often, even local tenders in the same area use different terms for the same need, which also confuses the bidder, and increases costs when bidding.

The workshop will include several examples on how to simplify public tenders, ensuring common language by simplifying procurement documents and still securing higher documentation on deliverables.

Participants: Public sector, procurement officers and daily procurers. Private sector, suppliers to public sector. Note, that courses will be held separately for the public and private sector.

Time: 7 hours

Place: Locally, where agreed

The price differs, depending on the actual requirement, if only the presentation is needed, or if DanSense invites and holds the training courses. Transport expenses are excluded in the price. Contact DanSense for further information.

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