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Simplified procurement - 10 courses:

Future procurement trends -see - course

Referencing standards in public procurement - see course

Building renovation and use of environmental requirements and standards in procurement documents - see course

What to remember when developing procurement documents for tenders in the services area - see course

Ensuring due diligence and avoid costly incidents at service deliverables - see course

Ensuring Environmental requirements and CSR in procurement documents and for documentation (7h) - see course

Management of procurement. Organisational needs and requirements - see course

Contract management – a part of the procurement documents - see course

Electronic procurement - see course

How to ensure payment of fair taxes nationally in public tenders, by setting requirements in procurement documents - see course



Enklere udbud og styr på indkøb – 5 kurser:

Generel kompetence dag -se kursus

Ledelse af udbud og indkøb -se kursus

Reference til standarder i udbud - se kursus

Contract Management før og efter udbud - se kursus

Elektroniske udbud og indkøb -se kursus



Environmental impact - 2 courses:

EN ISO 14001 training for certification - see course

Introduction to CSR, eco-labeling, life cycle assessment and specific environmental challenges in the construction sector - see course



Miljøledelse – 1 kursus:

Miljøledelsessystem (ISO 14001) - se kursus

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